Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prima Art Venture 2014 - The missed opportunity, the kits and finally the glee

I booked early for the California Prima Art Venture scheduled for January this year and I can tell you I was excited for the better part of six months, I anticipated the event with glee...  But as luck would have to have it...I never made it to LA in January .  This was pretty disappointing but life happens..

Luckily for me, the people at Prima were awesome, they sent me all the goodies from the retreat.  And those goodies came today.  Opening the box was soooo exciting, inside were these awesome pizza boxes which look totally cool and have one thinking how to reuse them - they certainly cant be discarded!

Five project kits in Pizza boxes, each kit focused on a different Prima Collection...more detail about each kit in posts to follow (I plan to work through them kit by kit).  Each of these kits includes an instruction sheet fro the project - I did see lots of great goodies like stamps and stencils as I browsed the boxes. 

The last kit was in a big plastic bag - I am pretty sure this is the kit from Finabar's class and she is not an instruction kind of gal...I am told that class was more hands on and worries I can have lots of fun with that.  This kits had not 1 but 4 stencils...Yippee ( More Happy dance), a book and embellishments...ooh!
Also in my big box of goodies were some gifts from Prima.  An awesome canvas tote full of goodness like an Ingvil Bolme distressing tool and craft knife (both formally on my wish list - pretty cool), scissors, two bottles of Glue (scotch and fabri tac), pop dots..

Also a Prima bag brimming with more goodness, paper pads paints, ink pads, flowers, embellishments, mediums.

Needless to say...I have lots of projects to work on now...

Happy crafting

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