Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Stacks - Boy Themes

Inspired by Heidi Swap  (link here: and her use of Photo stacks in her memory folders, I though this might be a away for me to capture more photos on a scrap book page.

So... I went to my 12x12 paper stash and grabbed a stack of papers, then I sorted my papers into bundles of three.

Next I took my paper cutter and cut all the papers to 6' x12'.

Keeping 3 sheets of 6"x12" per stack I then set about scoring the papers to create a graduated effect.  I tried a few measurements but the one that worked best fro me was to score as follows:

On the 12' side score:

1st sheet @3.5"
2nd sheet @4.5"
3rd Sheet @5.5"

Fold, stack and then either staple or sew - I sewed mine, and it was easy peasy.  Finally decorate to taste and style.  I used the envelope punch board to create some tabs and otherwise used all sorts of punches to create variety on my photo stacks - Note I made heaps and it really didn't take that long...more posts to follow with pictures of the others.

So, the photo stack above has two sheets of paper and one sheet of Stampin up vellum.

The papers used for for both the boy stacks were:

Fancy Pants - Rough and Tough: All Star, and Wishing Star

And here is the second stack...the papers are ordered differently and I added a layer of Kraft to this one for more variety.

The awesome Chevron punch used on these two stacks is a Stampin Up punch - I want it!  (Note - I used this one at a friends house).

And here is a little picture of my very old sewing machine...I have had this little baby since I was bout 8yrds old.  After I wiped the dust off and threaded up the needle it was clear sailing with the sewing.

The photo stacks are now ready to be added to any project or used as they are and each has lots of space for photos.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Keep smiling something crafty could happen today.


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