Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Stacks - School and more

This post is a follow on from my post about how to make the photo if you missed that one and want to know how they are made look for my post about Photo Stacks - Boy Themes.

The top photo stack is sort of school themed, mostly because I put the paper with the words 'Spelling' on top.   I used the same papers in a different order for the next one and it doesn't look at all school like. Any ways, I have old school photos so I can see where this one might be used.  I also left this one without any punches or edging.  I wanted to have one that was nice and

For both the stack above and below I used papers by Fancy Pants - All Fall: Spelling, Recent, Fall Splendor.

I love how you can just put the papers in a different order and the photo stack looks completely different.  The other thing that gives this stack a different appearance is the use of punches and dies, each page has a decorative edge which I think gives it a great finish. 

Both of the above photo stacks where made with the following papers:

Fancy Pants - Delight: Garden, Bubble, Potpourri

I think these two would be great for a birthday or some party type theme.  Cant wait to see how (and when) they get used!

Again I just mixed up the order of the pages and in some cases reversed the paper and instantly a different look.  Add the variety of punches and dies and you can come up with some pretty cool photo stacks - at least I think so.

Hope you enjoyed this look at my photo stack mania..two more posts to come with the rest of my completed 'Stacks'

Keep smiling something crafty could happen today.


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