Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Smash Book / Junk Journal - Art Pages

I am fairly new to smash book or journaling.  But over the last several months have got much more involved. 

But this is about how my smash booking has revolved into a junk journal and an art book.

When I started I stuck my bits and bobs on the blank pages.  But then I started thinking those pages needed a bit of a boost.

That's when I started to play around with the art book concept.   This gave me an excuse to play with no set outcome...and I did.  I filled the last few pages in this book with background that pop with colour and fun.

The pages which are all ready for my to journal lures little moment.  But the fun was in playing with my paints sprays and stencils....

Off to fill some of those pages.

Craft happy.

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