Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Napkin / Serviette Technique - How To

Napkin Technique:

Artist Gel - Light Moulding
Kaiser Glue
Napkins (peel them back to the single printed layer)*
Card Stock

I water the Kaiser glue down to a very thin watery consistency, probably 1 part glue to 10 parts water.  Mix well.

Tear your napkins in to sections you like.  In my example (see my  Rawr Layout) I carefully tore around the cheetahs as I wanted to focus on them.  For the backgrounds I just tore random pieces from animal prints.

Place you torn napkin pieces loosely where you want them on your page.

I worked first on my Cheetahs, as I wanted them to be textured and have depth.  To achieve this I used a plastic knife and glumped the moulding paste under where I wanted the cheetahs.  I then lighted pressed the napkin into place and used my fingers to gently move the paste around to create highs and lows around the nose and eyes.  

Be very careful because the wet napkin will rip.  

Once I had the look I wanted I went to work on the next Cheetah.  When all three where in place it was time to do the background and seal the Cheetahs.

Stir your Kaiser glue mixture and then with a soft brush light glaze over the cheetahs.  Next select one of the background pieces, put in in the position you want and glaze over the napkin with the glue.  keep going with bits of napkin until you have the look you are after.

If you tear anywhere while gluing, go back to your napkin scraps and find a bit that matches the area of the tear and then just use the glaze to position the repair in place.

It really is fun.  And there are so many napkins out there.  

*Note:  All the Napkin/serviette inserts end up in my napkin box and are used when I have visitors.  This is a habit I picked up from my friend Filoma.  Guests often laugh at the very faded image that remains.  No wastage!

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