Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off the page project - Canvas. Progress!

Ok...  I lost track of the steps.

So, here's what happened next:

* I really hated the dark beaded corner - it just didnt work for me.
* I did like the few floating beads
* I loved the textures and enjoyed bring them to life...
* I buffed the texture areas with colour. To do this  I used some awesome acrylic inks.
* I then  created the crystal flourish (love it)!
* Next up I added the 'dream' title - it is a Kaiser crystal embelishment
* I  found a great flower at the cheap shop and used it to covered up those beads.
* Which meant that I then had to get another to balance the bottom. I actually decided to take apart a couple of flowers and then recreated them to get the 2nd flower.
* I  finished it all with some chipboard leaves.

And here it is finished.

Overall I enjoyed myself. There are things I would do very differently next time.  I would certainly play more with the textures.

Oh, here us a close up of the title...

I am keen to play again very soon.  Cos overall it was heaps of fun.

Hmm, my flower in the bottom corner looks off color wise in this photo...I will need to take another look and see if it has dried different to expected...Good thing for shimmer mist and the inks!


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