Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sam's Birthday Surprise

My friend Janine asked me (with 2 weeks notice) to create a scrapbook for her son Sam's 21st Birthday in July this year. I scanned all her photos and burnt them to disk so we could make copies at the photo place then we went shopping and picked up a bunch of embellishments. I know Sam to talk to but wouldn't say that I KNOW him. So I had Janine write a comment on the back of the photos to give me ideas. Then I got to work. It was hard interpreting someone else's life thru photo memories but I had fun. I was happy with the finished product and by all accounts he loved it! And yes it was finished in time for Sam's birthday. Just!

For a short time I will have a slideshow of the album here on my page, but once it goes you will be able to see my work here.


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