Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This week I have dragged out my crochet. When I was about 8 a very nice lady showed me how to crochet and got me started on a basic blanket. I have added a little to it every year since. It has about 58 rotations (it's a square), in all sorts of colours. I can't decide whether to put the effort in and finish it or keep it as my life project. It's a tough choice!

I finished a scarf I started last winter and started a new one. Well, I started the new one 3 times, took me a while to work out the pattern. But hey, if I don't mind who else should? I should take a picture of my finished scarf and put it up here. I should also get some juices flowing with card making. Well, whether I take a picture or not I am glad that I got some craft time in.

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