Saturday, October 18, 2014

ATC - Glue Art

My 4th ATC Swap for this round of ATC's was themed Glue Art.  I haven't played with hot glue a lot but thought, lets give is a go.  I only needed to make one ATC but figured since I had the glue out I would make a few.  So I made three.  One is on its way to my swap partner. The other two I kept...for a future swap?

This first one I call - Shipwrecked.

I kept to muted bronze tones.  Really happy with the way it came out.  I look at it and get the feeling of a shipwreck, like treasure or a fishing net...don't know why but feels like a ship wreck.

This next one was named after AJ influenced my thinking about the finished appearance.  When making it I was just playing with the glue to see what I could do.

The color choice came from my preference for pinks and purples and then just played til I was happy.

It's title ( Thanks AJ) - Life

And my third and final Glue Arts ATC - at least for now is called Coral Reef.

From the outset I had the idea of coral.  So I tried to make the glue work with me and then used colors that I think of for coral and under the sea.  The photo really shows the red.  In life  the red isn't so prominent.  I loved this one as it really achieved what I set out to do.  And those who know me know I rarely start out with a specific idea.  I generally just roll along til I find the outcome I like.

I really hope the recipient likes the one I chose to send, if they dont I would happily send one of the others.

Would I play with glue to make art again?  For sure!

Thanks for stopping by to visit my creations.


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