Saturday, September 6, 2014

Memory File - Project Life, Snap and Heidi style!

Oodles of photos to follow.  
With all my scrap supplies in transit from Oz to the US.  I have been keeping my scrapping simple.  Enter Heidi Swapp, Project Life and Sn@p Studio's.   With supplies from all three, plus my nifty  pocket photo printer,  and Costco photo service this is is my first Life in the US scrap file.

The picture above is the cover, still a work in progress..but I like where it is going.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry...

When it opens up I have a smaller flip file of the left.  This little folder captures a day trip as we checked out Connecticut.  On the right is a little tribute to my two Labs who have traveled to the USA with was a big journey for them.
These next pictures show  our day at the Submarine Museum.  These pages use Sn@p stick in plastic pockets.  I LOVE these!

I have used Heidi Swapp Memory files and embellishments.

You can see some Tim Holtz embellishments hiding on these pages.

Project Life mini kits along with Sn@p pockets are an awesome way to add extra stuff to pages.

For this page I used a simple card technique, so I could capture show a few photos of my girls and tell the story of their move to the USA.

As part of getting a new car, I had temp plates first in New York State and then in Connecticut.  So to do that I used some Tim Holtz hardware.  And under you can see where I saved a map given to my by the Hire Car company when I first got to New York.

I kept the little paper bag (that I asked for, hehehehe) when I purchased a few souvenirs at Liberty Island from our trip to see the Statue of Liberty.  It's a great scrappable.

Not only do I have a great scrap page I also have a cool pocket to keep things in.

I used every surface to add notes and brochures.

Again another paper bag that makes for a great memory.  This is the food section of my file.  So I have lots of brochures and some pictures....I Love how this came together.

Dont you just love these Sn@ap these photo flips!  These are from a variety pack.
And used with project life it is so quick to add journalling.

And as you can see here you can just keep open the brochures to see more!

I hope you enjoyed this look at my most recent project.

Thanks for visiting!

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