Friday, August 31, 2012

Elle's Update: Oh, what a day!

It's been a while since I posted just for the sake of blogging.  Mostly I keep a blog to post my craft projects. Every now and then I post about my fur babies or something exciting.  Today I just need to get my day off my mind and out into the universe.

For reason, too many to explain, we have had several nights of late nights.  Then today we had an early start,  my gorgeous golden girl needed to go to the vet.  Amber needed 2 procedures A tooth extraction and to a huge fluid tumour removed for her front leg...  I should mentioned I am a very nervous mum when my babies are at the vet and I always want them home the first minute I can.  So my first upset of the day was not being able to pick Amber up til very late afternoon, no early appointments left for collection.  Sigh.

Next, off to pout the car in for service.  That went well.  Dropped off the car, agreed to be able to pick it up by 2.00pm.  (drop off 8.30am.)  Then off AJ and I went to the mall for Breakfast.  My meal was fine, AJ's not so good.  Next we were off to the Government shop front to finally get AJ's US licence converted to an Aussie licence.  The next disappointment - They didn't want to accept the documents he had proving residency.  We needed to go home to get more papers to try again...but no car for 4 more hours.  I did manage to extend my car registration for another year.

The call from the vet to let me know Amber was heading into surgery...the wait begins.  Nervous, who me? Oh yeah.

Quick catch up with some awesome work friends back at the mall and finally the call to collect the car.  We head back up the road to get the car.  They haven't fixed a problem we mentioned and yay, another small problem requires a part that needs to be ordered.  Guess car goes back next week.  Not major issues, it's just so pesky is all.

Still waiting for the call that Amber is out of Surgery...

Home we go to get the extra papers.  And there sitting next to my driveway is Ebony!  My beautiful black lab has gotten out of my very secure yard and is looking very stressed.  Poor baby, first time she has ever and I mean ever been home alone, no AJ and no Amber.  She dug under the gate, no easy task.  Then it looks like she sat next to where the car should be.  When we pulled up she didn't move til AJ got out (thank GOD).  But golly, seeing her out scared me witless.  She is micro-chipped but not registered locally.  That was about to change.  We checked her paws, she has worn her nails down but no damage.

Finally the call from the vet.  Amber is out of surgery and is fine!  2 hrs of surgery!!!!

Another hour calling to check docs with Road Services and after contacts with the manager at the local branch we were sent back in with other doc's.  Needless to say, this time Ebony went with us.

So back to the Shop front, ask to speak to the Manager, doc's approved after a few more hiccups.  Then I completed the forms for both the girls to get registered.  AJ was pleased to say he was registered before the girls.

Good thing I don't do personal posts very often...

And at last, back tot he vet to collect my girl.  I walk in and can here her calling for attention.  I check if it is her and the vet nurser says yep...she wants home!

Then, I see her.  My goodness, the lump they removed was huge!  Bigger then an avocado.   She has a very long and nasty wound with a drain poking out each end.  ick!  The vet kept the tooth for us..go figure.  AJ thought it was cool to see the whole tooth.  We have medications, more vet appointments to remove drain, check ups and so on...  and twasn't cheap.  But she is worth every penny and more to us. Load her in the car, separate to Ebony and last stop home.

As I wrap up my rare but huge post, we are keeping the girl in separate ends of the house.  Aj with one and me with the other.  I have no wish to revisit wounds that get reopened by helpful playmates (been there done that!).  My Amber is crashed out with me felling very low now the painkillers are wearing off...poor baby.  And Ebony and AJ are crashed out up the other end of the house.  Ebony is very confused at not being allowed to play with Amber.

Me, I am really tired but want to sit with Amber as long as possible.  And soon I need to wake AJ up cos, the late nights aren't quite over...but that's a whole other story.

If you stayed through my whole story, thanks.  I know we are lucky that our hurdles today were all small and in the end easy to overcome, but oh, what a day!


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  1. It's so awesome that you give your furbabies that much love!
    I love all your cards as well as your story!