Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tim Holtz Workshops

Along with the Stamp it workshop with Tim Holts that I was lucky enough to participate in on Sunday 17 June, I had another workshop with Tim on Tuesday 19 June thanks to Kaszazz.

Here's a summary of my two workshops:

Stamp it:  Off the page Canvas project.  (Sorry the photo is a little blurry)

This project was awesome.  Tim and his team did a bit (lots really) of the prep work, so that on the day we could finish the project in the time available.  It was a great chance to play with several of the Ranger and Tim Holtz mediums.

The project was completed in 2 hours, learnt some great tips from Tim, I think my favourite was...

You know it is dry when you touch it and it's dry!

Tim, Ranger and Stamp it were all very generous, we each received gifts including, a Ranger apron, a stamp, and a Tim Holtz satchel.

Kaszazz Workshop:  Techniques - 10 tags, 10 techniques

This was the most amazing 3 hrs, jam packed with techniques, tags, tips and of course Tim!

Kaszazz provided a great kit that included all the tags we could ever need, at least for the workshop!  A TH sanding block (it's very cool), a great little journal to write our notes in, which at Tims suggestion I did, keeping the page next to my notes clear for me to stick the journal pockets that would hold my completed tags.

I put my journal together at the end of the workshop, and include the photo provided by Kaszazz in the from which I then had Tim sign for me.

I have recreated all but one since I got home so I now have the tag from the day, with the instructions on the back ( thanks to Kaszazz who printed them all on stickers for us) which lives in the journal pocket and an example tag stuck to the front of the pocket. My little journal is overflowing with tips and examples and will continue to inspire me for quite some time to come...

Following are pictures of the 10 tags:

Above, the cute names tags for each participant, and the memento mug Kaszazz gifted us all with.

 A picture of the kit we received.

And following are pictures of the 10 tags.

All up, while it was hectic going back and forward to Sydney, I am so glad I had these opportunities to participate.  The efforts of both Stamp it and Kaszazz in organising the events was very much appreciated.  

The effort of Tim and his team was outstanding!!!

Big thanks to all who were involved.

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