Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pet update

It's been a while since I wrote about the pets so...

It's well over 12 months since Muttley had all his surgery.  Everyone who see's him comments how he is such a different dog.  He didn't get much of an improvement in eye sight but appearance and quality of life both had big boosts.  He is very rarely bothered by his eyes is great.  I will try and post a picture...but he still hates the flash so it is hard.

Shadow is fluffy and noisy!  He has taken to annoucing his presence by meowing ( loudly) as he approaches.  It's like that song in Ali Babar...make way...for Prince Ali.  Except it is ... make way, Shadow on his way!

Amber loves the kids.  Whenever a little person visits she is just over the moon.  Unfortunately she is a little big and overwhelms them.  She is getting better.  She is still my gorgous golden girl.  She makes me smile all the time.

Darcy, he is his own master.  He keeps pretty much to himself.  Mostly his presence is felt at meal times.  but he too loves the kids and they give him lots of attention.  He likes that.  Otherwise he wanders in and pushes everyone else out of the way when he wants some affection.

My guys are all doing well.

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