Saturday, December 6, 2008

2009 calendars

Each year I participate in one and host two other calendar swaps. What happens with a calendar swap is that you get 12 people who each get assigned one month. They then create a page for that month and recreate the page so that there are 12 copies of that month. That's how the swap I am in works.

The two I host are a little different. Instead of 12 people I have 6 people in each swap and they each get assigned two months. Then, instead of recreating the page 12 times they only have to recreate each month 6 times.

All pages are due to my by the end of October. And except for one person all pages were received. Unfortunately I had to remove one person from one of the swaps and so I whipped up the extra pages needed to complete that calendar.

For the two swaps I host, I have one swap where anything goes and one themed swap. The theme for this year was black and white. Let me tell you that this calendar is pretty special both because it was mostly people who had never tried any like this and also because the contributions were fabulous.

As host I do up a little covering page with a bit of a blurb, this year my comments focused on creativity and the pleasure of shared projects. And today is the day I take all the contributions and turn then into a full calendar. And as I type this I have begun the binding process. It's pretty special seeing all the pages first and then seeing the finished product.

In my next post I will start showing my pages.

Well it is back to the work table for me. I need to get these calendars back out before Christmas!

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